♥ _ I Wish :)


I wish to see you everyday.
I wish to having three meals with you everyday
I wish to hold your hand round here and there.
I wish to thats i can smile in front of you
I wish to sit beside of you anytime everywhere

I wish to watching movie with you
I wish to hang out to club with you
I wish to sing a with you
I wish to go shopping with you
I wish to go Travelling with you
I wish........ :)

Photobucket-我在你看不到的天空.爱着你 :)

♥ _ love each other :') just trust


I really dont know whaat to say
those things really make me so tired
hope really hope that everthing will be fine

im using my true heart to trust you my love Photobucket
Please dont do any thing let me to suspect
in a relationship
really dont need to listen what are peoples telling you
some people they are really *38 not worst to listen those bullshit
They just hear other people saying it and think it sounds suspicious.
just use your true heart to treat your love
dont care he ever do what cheap things bad thing Before

what a sadness night
i think about you
telling myself
i wont cry
this game is over
whos also din't Retention of each other
just keep it on my heart
how good how nice you ever love me :)

PhotobucketTRUST: easiest thing on earth to lose and hardest thing to gain.

Photobucket-我在你看不到的天空.爱着你 :)

♥ _ Caution : is me miss eling :')


hey yoyoyo :) 1.30am
actually is time to sleep
suddenly feel that i really BadPhotobucket
how long time i dint updated my lovely blog XD
How much u miss me?

start from now..
i gonna super duper active in my blog

have to sleep now..
need to wake in the early morning
Preparing :)
photoshooting wat'cha !!

goodnight peeps


iloveyou babe :)
his like a wind

Photobucket-我在你看不到的天空.爱着你 :)

♥ _ one day K.L working trip :D


Hello :D
Seriously I am so lazy to blogPhotobucket
i dint have much to blog too xD
still have alots post pending
sorry my lovely blog ~~
i let u alone for so long time jor

pending post is gonna hit my blog right now now :)

the day went to KL.. :)
rush rush rush
i cant even meet up my frens


the 1st at KL is
at - KLIA Mcd :) double cheesee burger :)
then imma going to KL JPN
for register some privacy :)

after that back hotel :)
take a shower wana *chiong* to Shopping!
how my daddy is accompany me to go Photobucket
he was my big big ATM Photobucket daddy

my 2nd meal is
at - Sungai wang @Taiwan recipe :)

daddy eating a set fish chips meal :)
Photobucket this so much :O i wanna drink it again
im eating mine dan dan mee :)
hehehe Photobucketthe 1st i bought is.. MY Fipper
my lovely purple :)
o babey!! * tat was my 3rd fipper Photobucket
- Photobucket SKIP Photobucket -
cause i really bought alot of cloths :))

my dinner at - Alor street seafood

LALA!! yummy!! i love it :')
only i going to KL just can eat this Photobucket
Lovely kiwi ice :)
sour sour sweet sweet!!
damn feel good taste Photobucket
anothers morning :)
im goin back lor :)
my breakfast at *loong keePhotobucket

imma the one whos dislike eat kacang de
BUT!! this one quite nice~~
i loving it Photobucket
my 4th meal
fissh ball mee :)
daddy said mee again??

did u love KL's mee?
finish breakfast then go back hotel
is full of my bag ==

ngee* gonna said bye bye KL :')
kuching imma back to you

stay turn :) slowly pending
*hair show
*kk trip
*david bday
*my love :P
♥ just a smile and the rain is gone :) I lay My Love on You

Photobucket-我在你看不到的天空.爱着你 :)